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A collection of predictions from renowned psychics across the globe, covering world and local events, politics, entertainment, environment, spirituality, and more.

Every Day is a Gift

a blog on human interests and daily inspirations

SOLVED Life Hacks and Tricks

Practical solutions to everyday problems, dedicated to FIlipinos from around the world

Naic Cavite Online

"Naic Cavite Online" (NCO) tackles different issues that shape Naic and its people. These issues may include stories of the past, current events, and future directions. NCO was launched in 2001 to bring Naic stories across the globe through the internet.

Pinoy Expat Forum

This is where every single OFW and Filipino living abroad, talks and shares information with each other.

Penguin Techno

Simple Resource For Life

Towards Emancipation

Philippine politics is directly influenced by foreign geopolitical forces that undermine its independence and we need to know what lies behind the elaborate facade that the rulers of the world are throwing in front of the Gullibles.

Good Politics for Cebu

“Good Politics for Cebu” is a political blog about Cebuano Politics, written from a Centrist perspective

Farah Fashions NYC

I'm Farah, Filipina special education teacher based in New York City. I love fashion. I am planning to pursue a career in fashion design / retail in the near future. My husband and I are sports aficionado. We love running, cycling, zumba, yoga, and... | Ang Bagong Tambayang Noypi | The all-new community portal for Filipinos who are inspired to confess themselves as geeks and interact with other geeks-alike who shares NOT only technology trends but worthy trending topics around the world wide web!